There's a total of 44 Steam achievements to earn in My Summer Car. Here's a list on how to grab them all.

Please feel free to fill in any missing info or correct any issues. Steam achievements from any game can only be unlocked once at a time and cannot be re-unlocked.

Note: Achievements with red blood stained logos will require the player to be Mortal (perma-death) to achieve.

Achievement listEdit

100 kmEdit

Drive 100 kilometres with Satsuma.
Immortal achievement 100 km
100 km driven with Satsuma.

1000 kmEdit

Drive 1000 kilometres with Satsuma.
Immortal achievement 1000 km
1000 km driven with Satsuma.

A true hillbillyEdit

Visit Teimo's Shop with the tractor.
Immortal achievement A true hillbilly
Shopping groceries with style!

An idiotEdit

Break the shop glass (the one with no shelves behind it). You will have to do it while the store is open too.
Immortal achievement An idiot
An idiot is definition of you.

And it is gone!Edit

Die with permadeath active.
Mortal achievement And it is gone!
Say goodbye to your saves.

Can't stop smoking now...Edit

Smoke 60-100 cigarettes
Mortal achievement Can't stop smoking now...
You are so deeply addicted to smoking that it is just better keep on going.

Case solvedEdit

Drink all 24 bottles of beer from one case.
Immortal achievement Case solved
24 bottles of beer consumed!

Dakar rallyEdit

Piss in the radiator. You can piss in either the stock or the racing radiator. The radiator needs to be empty, or not completely full. An easy way to empty it is to take the lower radiator hose off, so that the coolant diminishes. After that take the radiator cap off, drink until your urine is high, aim right and watch for the white filling bar to appear. Once it does you should get the achievement. This can actually take a few tries as the hole to piss in is rather small.
Immortal achievement Dakar rally
You just keep on going.

Darwin AwardEdit

Take a breathalyser test at a police checkpoint with a blood-alcohol level of 3.5‰ or more.
Immortal achievement Darwin Award
Get a police breath analyzer test score of 3.5 per mil or more.

Don't answer that callEdit

Get killed by answering the phone during a thunderstorm.
Immortal achievement Don't answer that call
Thunder called you and you got killed.

Feel aliveEdit

Give Pena the finger while he's giving you a lift on a straight part of the dirt road.
Mortal achievement Feel alive
Travelling over 90 km/h as a passenger of a drunk driver.

Finnish sisu!Edit

Finish the rally with at least one missing wheel and its suspension.
Immortal achievement Finnish sisu!
Finish rally with major suspension damage.

Finnish SummerEdit

Go to the cottage, heat up the sauna and throw water on to rocks.
Immortal achievement Finnish Summer
This is it. This is everything you ever need.

Finnish weddingEdit

Drink a lot of alcohol.
Immortal achievement Finnish wedding
Your traditional wedding condition.

First loserEdit

Finish the rally in 2nd.
Mortal achievement First loser
Coming second is just a first loser.

Flying FinnEdit

Finish the rally in 1st.
Mortal achievement Flying Finn
Top breed of racing drivers.

Full of crapEdit

Fill your septic truck up to its max capacity (10,000 litres of crap). You will have to empty 4 septic tanks and a little bit of a 5th to get all the 10,000 litres. One septic tank amounts to ~2,300/2,400 litres.
Immortal achievement Full of crap
10 000 litres worth of crap. Good job!

Golden steamEdit

Pee on the sauna stove until it steams, lovely.
Immortal achievement Golden steam
Enjoy the smell.

Grand Theft TeimoEdit

Break the window at Teimo's Shop at night.
Immortal achievement Grand Theft Teimo
You little punk!

Greased rustEdit

Finish a drag race at the airfield in under 17 seconds. The achievement unlocks as soon as you hit the finish line, so you don't have to go back to the tent to check your time.
Immortal achievement Greased rust
Drag Race time under 17 secs with Satsuma.

Hannes KolehmainenEdit

Finish the rally on foot.
Note: As of the latest stable release, if any object is held in hand during the race; the achievement won't trigger. Place beer cases, food, etc. along the road prior to starting the rally.
Mortal achievement Hannes Kolehmainen
Suvi-Sprint rally done on foot.

I am cowardEdit

Start the game with permadeath turned OFF.
Immortal achievement I am coward
No permanent death for you.

It runs!Edit

Successfully start the Satsuma for the first time.
Immortal achievement It runs!
Your car actually started, good job!


Win the maximum prize from a slot machine.
Immortal achievement Jackpot!
Maybe you should do Lotto too?


Drive the moped to Teimo's Shop and exit the vehicle. (Tip: You can take the moped with you to the store in the Satsuma, Ferndale, Gifu, Kekmet and even the boat. Be careful when you put the moped in the Satsuma)
Immortal achievement Jonne!
You are real Finnish Jonne.

Magic portalEdit

Drink so much alcohol that you pass out. (about 1½ beer cases at once or several vodka shots at Pub Nappo/vodka bottle from the barn and a couple of beers). Once you pass out, you will wake up with a bad hangover in the form of shakes and wake up somewhere near the property. Keep in mind that if you pass out in the middle of the day, you will probably wake up in the middle of the night around your property and will have a hard time getting home in the dark.
Immortal achievement Magic portal
Somehow you don't remember anything.

Methanol ManEdit

Get the blindness effect from drinking a bottle of spirit at Jokke's new house while the "party" is going on. The blindness effect has a random chance of happening, and it will occur about a minute after the player has woken up.
Immortal achievement Methanol Man
You gained a new super power: Blindness!

Money well spentEdit

Fail the car inspection.
Immortal achievement Money well spent
Better luck next time.

Mr. KiljuEdit

Successfully sell your kilju to the drunk guy. (Tip: For the best kilju, use 1 pack of yeast and 6 packs of sugar)
Immortal achievement Mr. Kilju
Good batch of commercial deer piss.

Party timeEdit

Drink a bottle of hard liquor. You can find one in the barn, near the ax.
Immortal achievement Party time
Bottle of booze drank quickly.


Install the pink plush dashboard cover.[1]
Immortal achievement Pimped!
That really does it.

Poor people go awayEdit

Spend over 2,000 mk in the shop. This one is easily achievable after getting "An idiot" (break the shop glass).
Immortal achievement Poor people go away
A real money man.

Proud to be mortalEdit

Start the game with permadeath turned ON.
Mortal achievement Proud to be mortal
When I die, I die for good

Responsible citizenEdit

Pass the car inspection.
Immortal achievement Responsible citizen
You got your car through inspection.

Rusting fastEdit

Reach 200km/h in a modified Satsuma, you'll need all the engine upgrades and longer gear ratios.
Mortal achievement Rusting fast
Over 200km/h with Satsuma!

Sliding SwedeEdit

Finish the rally in 3rd.
Mortal achievement Sliding Swede
Coming after Flying Finns!

Smoking killsEdit

Smoke a cigarette while refuelling a car/jerry can (Gasoline only).
Immortal achievement Smoking kills
Do not smoke. At least while refueling...

Thank you governmentEdit

Get a ticket from the police.
Mortal achievement Thank you government
Crime is for poor people only.

Total idiot & full idiotEdit

Give Pena the finger while he's giving you a lift.
Mortal achievement Total idiot & full idiot
Flipping off to a drunk driver.

Ultimate survivorEdit

Drink your own piss, you can pee and look directly up to quench your thirst and empty your bladder. Professionally.
Immortal achievement Ultimate survivor
Drinking your own piss like a pro.

Welcome to FinlandEdit

Get the sauna working. Twist both bottom dials, wait for the "temperature" to rise, pour water on the stove. Relax in the steamy goodness. Can be done in the cottage.
Immortal achievement Welcome to Finland
You just experienced a Sauna.

Working man's SaturdayEdit

Drink the liquor from the barn or any bottle of hard liquor (has to be a bottle, shots will not get you the achievement), or do the vandalism mission on Saturday.
Immortal achievement Working man's Saturday
Time to relax.

Yeast festivalEdit

Drink a canister of kilju.
Immortal achievement Yeast festival
Enjoy your home brew... delicious.

You have a new friend!Edit

Successfully pick up and drop off your drunk neighbor from the pub. You can pick him up with the Satsuma, the van or the muscle car. Exit right onto the highway, then take the second exit onto the dirt road. Continue straight until you reach a grey house and your new friend makes a comment (the house is on the right hand side of the road, right after the railroad tracks when driving towards home from Loppe). Be aware that you can knock the drunken sob out by pushing him, going near him etc. Once he is knocked out you will not be able to drop him off or get him in the vehicle. Also watch out for moose when driving in the night (watch the signs), they cross the roads and a direct high speed collision with one will lead to certain death.
Immortal achievement You have a new friend!
He is drunk, so he must be a friend.


  1. Might work with other covers, but the pink plush has been confirmed.