• Kubollo

    Strange car in forest

    August 25, 2017 by Kubollo

    I found this somewhere in forest near Dirt Track and i don't know what is this, it have towing hook and i can tow this thing but i cant't move it by hands. I will try to take it to Fletari's repair shop, maybe he wants to see it.

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  • SaatanaPerkele

    World's first!

    To start the van, turn on the ignition, located at the left of the steering wheel. Click on the ignition and wait for the "coil" light to turn off, so you can crank the engine. If it has turned off, you can crank the engine by holding the left mouse button on the ignition.


    If the engine is warm, you can instantly crank the engine without waiting.

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  • Alexandar245


    February 10, 2017 by Alexandar245

    The Cabin is a small place located in the small island. You can get there by the boat. You can find a sauna if you open the second door. The sauna uses logs.


    1. Make some logs

    2. Open the heater

    3. Put the logs in

    4. Press "Start Fire"

    5. Wait for it to warm up

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