The boat (Tarja) is a water vehicle docked in Kesselinperä with an outboard engine. The name "Tarja" denotes the engine and is a joke on the Finnish outboard engine "Terhi" (made by Valmet) which are both female names.

The boat uses two stroke fuel that can be bought from the shop and is the cheapest, safest and probably fastest way to Teimo's Shop.

Using the boatEdit

To get to the boat, start in the driveway of the house and walk directly to the nearest water across the road. You'll see the boat next to a dock.

To start the boat engine, select the starter and pull it away from the engine (put it up, and engine starts quickly) until it starts. Shift the gear paddle in the middle. The gears are forward, neutral and reverse. The boat won't work with controllers or wheels. It can be controlled with "WASD". If the walking controls were aligned into a controller, it can be controlled with the player-aligned settings.

Additional notesEdit

Peräjärvi has a dock as well. If you assume the direction the home dock points is north (it isn't, but you can use it for relative orientation), the Peräjärvi dock is approximately north-northwest by that orientation. You should see the church belltower as you get closer.

If the boat is loaded with anything more than the player, it will begin to drift left or right. This makes charting a straight course to the island or Peräjärvi difficult as the player must constantly adjust the heading.

There is a small island in the middle of the lake, which should stand out against the haze obscuring the far shore. The island (as of February 5th 2017 update) has a cottage with a dock. The direct route between the two docks passes just northeast of it. Aim slightly to the right of the island when going to the village, and similarly to the left when going home.

It's not particularly recommended to use the boat for supply runs if you need more than one item (or one shopping bag worth of items) as you'll have to drag each item individually to and from the boat. With two items, you can throw each item ahead alternating them in turns with relative ease. Using sprint, you'll burn a lot of fatigue this way.

If you are foolish enough to run the boat aground it can be pushed back into the water. Try crouching low and pushing back towards the water. If you push it too far away, you may need to get in the water to push the boat close enough to allow you to jump in from shore.