Here is an almost complete list of bolt sizes and quantities per part.

For example 6x9mm is 6 bolts/nuts with the 9 mm wrench

You can find an in-depth guide on how to build the whole car here.


Part Bolt quantity and size
Air Filter 2x6mm
Alternator 1x10mm, 1x7mm, and screwdriver
Battery None
Bootlid (Trunk) 4x6mm
Brake Lining (total) 12x7mm
Brake Lining (at cylinder) 2x7mm
Brake Lining (fitting on firewall) 1x7mm
Brake Lining (at junction box) 4x7mm
Brake Lining (next to steering rod) 1x7mm
Brake Lining (at each wheel) 1x7mm each
Brake Master Cylinder 1x9mm, 2x8mm
Bumper (front and rear) 2x8mm
Camshaft Gear 1x10mm
Camshaft 2x5mm
Carburator (intake) 4x8mm
Cluster (Dashboard Meters) 2x6mm
Clutch Assembly 6x6mm
Clutch Lining 2x7mm
Clutch Master Cylinder 1x9mm, 2x8mm
Crank Mains 6x9mm
Crankshaft Pulley 1x11mm
Cylinder head 10x7mm
Dashboard 2x10mm
Disc Brake 1x14mm Shared with Halfshafts
Distributor 1x6mm
Door 4x10mm
Drive gear 7x6mm
Driver/Passenger Seat 4x9mm
Drum Brake 1x14mm each
Electronics (to body) 2x8mm
Exhaust Pipe 3x7mm
Fender 5x5mm each
Flywheel 6x7mm
Fuel Pump 2x7mm
Fuel strainer 1x8mm
Fuel Tank 7x11mm,1x12mm (at fuel line)
Gauges (RPM & Clock) 2x7mm
Gearbox 6x7mm,1x10mm
Gear Linkage 3x5mm (2 at the bottom of the gearbox, 1 higher up on the gear selector)
Gear Stick 3x6mm
Grille 2x6mm
Halfshaft 3x9mm, 1x14mm shared with disc brake
Hand Brake 4x8mm,1x5mm
Headers (exhaust manifold) 5x8mm
Headlight 2x7mm each
Hood 4x6mm
Main Bearing 2x9mm each
Motor hoist (to 2x10mm
Motor Mounts 3x11mm
Muffler 1x7mm
Oil Pan 8x7mm
Oil Pan Drain Plug 1x13mm
Pedals Clutch & Brake 1x9mm each
Piston Caps 8x7mm
Radiator 4x7mm
Rocker arms 5x8mm
Rear Seat 2x9mm
Rocker cover (Valve cover) 6x7mm
Seats (front and rear) 4x9mm
Shift Linkage 3x5mm
Shock absorbers 1x12mm,2x6mm each
Spark plugs Use sparkplug wrench (found next to screwdriver)
Spindle 1x12mm each
Starter 2x7mm
Steering Column 2x8mm
Steering Rack 4x9mm
Steering Rod (Tierod) 1x12mm each
Steering Wheel 1x10mm
Struts 4x9mm,3x10mm, 1x12mm shared with tierod
Subframe 4x10mm
Tach (to cluster) 2x7mm
Tierod Adjust 1x14mm each
Timing Cover 6x6mm
Trail Arm 2x12mm each
Water pump 5x7mm
Waterpump Pulley 4x7mm
Wheel 4x13mm each
Wishbone 2x10mm each


Part Bolt quantity and size
Dual Carburators w/ Air Filters 4x8mm
Racing Carburators 4x8mm
Sport Steering Wheel 1x10mm
Rally Steering Wheel 1x10mm
Zebra Dashboard Cover None
Zebra Seat Covers None
Zebra Steering Wheel Cover None
Leopard Dashboard Cover None
Leopard Seat Covers None
Leopard Steering Wheel Cover None
Plush Dashboard Cover None
Plush Seat Covers None
Plush Steering Wheel Cover None
Aluminum Radiator 4x7mm
Bucket Seat Driver/Passenger 4x9mm
Steel Exhaust Pipe 3x7mm
Racing Muffler 1x7mm
Steel Headers 5x8mm
Air/Fuel mixture gauge None
Gauges for oil, cooling and electricity None
200W speakers None
CD radio None
Rear window louvers None
Fender Bodykit None
Rear wing None
Duck tail spoiler None
Front lip spoiler None
Slick Tires and wheels 4x13mm each
Performance tires and spoke wheels 4x13mm each
Performance tires and tuner wheels 4x13mm each
Rally tires and wheels 4x13mm each
Tachometer 1x5mm
Roll cage None
Harness 4x8mm
Xmas Lights


N20 Bottle w/ Holder 2x7mm


Fiberglass hood None (uses hood pins)
Fire extinguisher None, goes in holder
Fire extinguisher holder 2x6mm


Carburator tuning Screwdriver
Oil filter Hand-tightened
Valve adjusting Screwdriver

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