The bus is an NPC-driven vehicle added to the game in the February 5th 2017 update. It spawns at the Rykipohja bus stop and travels in a clockwise direction around the highway, stopping at the Peräjärvi bus stop once every circuit. It costs 25 mk to get on the bus. After paying, the player can sit in any of the seats by pressing backspace when the "enter passenger mode" text comes on the screen.

The bus drives at fairly slow speeds, slower than most cars seen on the highway. There are buttons above each seat to stop the bus if the player wants to get out at the next bus stop. The bus can only realistically be boarded at the Peräjärvi bus stop, though it's also possible to force it to a halt by driving and stopping a vehicle in front of it while it is moving. While it is possible to die by getting run over by the bus, it is impossible to die while riding the bus in passenger mode.

Bus driver

The bus driver.

The driver of the bus looks to be a middle aged man wearing sunglasses and a flower patterned shirt, similar to some of the other AI car drivers seen on the highway. He has short brown hair and a moustache. He also wears pajama-like striped pants similar to the ones worn by Teimo.

The bus operates all day, even during the night. The bus has text on the front, sides, and back that read "Lätäsen Liikenne Oy" which translates to "Lätänen's Transport Ltd.". The bus is based on a popular Finnish bus body Kutter 9 (manufactured 1977-1986). The chassis is based on a mid-engined Volvo B58.

Bus stopsEdit

The bus can stop at four of the five available bus stops:



  • Unlike all other cars on the highway; the bus spawns immediately once the game is loaded, rather than when the player enters the highway.