Finland road sign 232 With the 08.11.16 update the console for cheats was removed.Finland road sign 189

In older version of the game, these cheats can be activated the following way:

  • enter them in the console in the Options menu (only older versions)
  • enter them in the graphics menu in Options and activated by pressing Enter, while being alive (some old Steam versions)
Cheatcode Effect
hemo Teleport to Home
lefa Teleport to Car Repair Shop
drag Teleport to the Airstrip for drag races
sale Teleport to Teimo's Shop
time** Rewind time: Replace asterisks with a number, e. g. time20 (22 in-game)
date* Change day of week: Replace the asterisks with a number, e. g. date7 (sunday)
poor*** Add money: Replace the asterisks with a number, e.g. poor10000
keke God mode (immortal)
rcar Move the Satsuma back Home
rvan Move the Van back Home
rtra Bring the Tractor back Home
rbed Get sleep
weat Change the weather
seiv Save the game

There is no known cheat for recovering the Gifu.