Cigarettes are a way to relieve stress in My Summer Car. They can be bought from Teimo's Shop or Pub Nappo.

By default I is pressed to smoke a cigarette. Holding I will smoke the cigarette. An unwanted cigarette can be thrown away by double pressing I.

Smoking too many cigarettes will cause nicotine addiction which increases the rate of stress.

A maximum of 20 cigarettes can be held by the player as of the new update. Originally purchasing it from Pub Nappo would have needed you to press f to consume it but not at Teimo's Shop. Although now that the new update has come into play its just about the same with Teimo's Shop.


A player smoking a cigarette in-game.


  • The brand of the cigarettes is "Petsamo". Petsamo is a former Finnish area in Lapland that was ceded to the Soviet Union in 1944.
  • The company which produces the cigarettes is Suomen Tupakka Oy ("Finnish Cigarettes Ltd."). This was a real company name, though in 1995 they were operating under the name BAT Finland Oy; currently, they are operating as British American Tobacco Oy.
  • If you throw the cigarettes at the fuel pumps at Teimo's Shop, they will explode, killing you.
  • Sleeping while holding a cigarette will start a fire in the room.