The cottage is a small building located on the island in the middle of lake Peräjärvi. Inside is a sauna, a couch the player can sleep on, a functional handheld camera, the bucket used to brew kilju, and a lantern that can be lit when it gets dark. It is also possible to save in the outhouse next to the cottage. The boat needs to be used to get to the island, though swimming is also an option.

There is no running water on the island, so it is recommended to take some food and drink when going there. There is a fish trap on the southwestern corner of the island which can be used to catch fish for the player to eat.

To light the sauna, use the log pile at the right side of the building (facing the doors) to collect firewood. Place four cut pieces of firewood in the sauna's stove. The water bucket can be filled using the water in the lake.

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