Player death screen

Unfortunately, there are a plethora of ways to succumb to death in My Summer Car, most commonly crashing into something when driving one of the many vehicles or not managing the character's bodily needs. When the player dies the screen will turn into splatters of blood for around five seconds as the player character slowly screams their way to the inevitable (sound and blood only happens if cause of death is by crash or ran over. Blood will not splatter if drowned in sewage you will just fall down nor scream if you died of the needs). Afterwards, a newspaper will show on screen informing the residents of Peräjärvi how the player character died.

If you have your permanent death on, and die, your saves will be gone (And it's gone! - Steam achievement) if you don't press ALT+F4 before the newspaper shows up.

You can disable your permadeath setting by unchecking the permadeath option while creating a new profile, but if you have permadeath on, you can disable permadeath, using the MSCeditor. You can download it by clicking here.

Load your save (defaultES2file.txt) located at (C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Amistech\My Summer Car). Go to Filter (located below at the left corner) and type "player". Click on "player" and search for "playerpermadeath" at the huge box on the right. Click on "true" to change the value to "false". After that, click on "File" and save your edited save. A backup will be located at the save folder, in case of doing something wrong.

Ways of dyingEdit

Currently it is not possible to die from falling or being too dirty.

Be careful of the phone ringing during a storm as it can explode into your ear and kill you (and also deafen you at the same time).

If you don't want the game to autosave when you have died, you can simply press ALT-F4 as soon as the newspaper shows up (non permadeath).

Issue Cause Image
Crashing in any vehicle. Crashing into a vehicle or an obstacle in any vehicle other than the Jonnez ES.
Death by crash
Crashing during the rally Crashing the car during the rally event.
Death by reckless rallying
Crashing on moped. Crashing into a vehicle or an obstacle while riding the moped.
Death by moped
Getting run over by car. Ran over by any AI car.
Death by hit-and-run
Getting run over by train. Ran over by train when on foot.
Death by train
Drowning in waste. Falling into a sewage well.
Death by sewage
Electric shock Answering the phone during a thunderstorm, or wiring Satsuma's electrical components without disconnecting the battery first.
Death by electric shock
Dehydration. Dying of thirst.
Death by dehydration
Starvation. Dying of hunger.
Death by starvation
Burst bladder. Not going to the toilet, lowering urine levels.
Death by bladder
Drunk driving accident. Flipping the middle finger to Pena and making him drive faster so he can kill the player.
Death by Pena
Murdered by Jokke Steal the suitcase of money which spawns after taking Jokke home 5 times.
Death by Jokke
Dying from excess stress. Having high levels of stress for a long time.
Death by stress
Drowning. Going swimming in the lake when drunk.
Death by drowning
Exploding and burning to death. Smoking a cigarette while refuelling.
Death by explosion
Dying in a house fire. Being inside a burning house and getting caught in the flames.
Death by fire
Getting stung by wasps. Being near/inside Ruscko without neutralising the wasp nest first.
Death by wasp stings

Other charactersEdit

In addition to the player character, some other characters can die too, such as police officers, Jani the yellow menace and Pena the little green Fittan driver. The drunk guy and firewood guy won't die, instead they will be asleep and snoring. If they're in a vehicle, the vehicle and the character will be splattered in blood

Dead police

A police officer after being ran over by the player's Satsuma.

Dead Jani

The "yellow menace" after colliding with a truck.

Ways characters
can die
Ran over The character is run over by the player's vehicle or another AI vehicle.
Punched/sledgehammered/bumped into or having items hurled towards them. The player punches or bumps in or whacks the character with a sledgehammer or other object.
Crashing in any vehicle. The character crashes into a vehicle or an obstacle in the character's vehicle or getting rear-ended/t-boned.


Autopsy report

Permadeath: that's it, you're dead. Game over, start a new file. All that progress you've made working on your car, it's like it never happened. Dying with permadeath mode enabled will also display an "autopsy report", which is a collection of various statistics prior to the player's demise.

If permadeath is turned off: When you die, you will respawn at your house, and the vehicle you were driving at the time of death will be left where you died, it's going to be damaged too.


  • If you die and exit using Alt+F4, your vehicle will look damaged.
  • If a character in a vehicle dies, they will be splattered with blood while in the car, but will not when they aren't in the car.