Drag racing is a motorsport, where two drivers with their cars try to cover the straight piece of road as fast as possible. The usual distance is 1/4 mile or aprox. 400 meters.

You can drag race at the airfield, on its runway, from west to east. The impromptu drag strip even has a proper working pre-2011 christmas tree.

Drag racing

Staged Ferndale

How to Edit

Position your car between the yellow and white line on either side of the christmas tree. Now slowly crawl to the yellow line, while looking at the tree.

First, the top pair of yellows will light up, which marks "pre stage". Stop your car. If you stop at prestage, nothing will happen, this is the last step before the race starts.

If you crawl forward even more, the second pair of yellows will light up, marking "stage". Stop your car again. That means you are ready to race and tree will soon start its countdown procedure. If you are having problems with your car stalling when you try to crawl, yet overshoot the line when you try to clutch it, try rolling very slowly to the starting line ignoring the first lights, and only stopping when you notice the second pair light up.

After a few seconds, the amber lights will count down from top to bottom (3 - 2 - 1), and green (go), which marks the start.

Accelerate your car and try to get to the finish as fast as possible. Finish is marked with 2 small stone bollards on each side of the runway.

Check your times at the organizers tent.

Results Edit

Drag racing times

The timeslip shows your reaction time, times at the specific markers, and your speed. The drag time measurement distances are in feet, at 60', 330', 660', 1000' and 1/4 mile (1320') points. The metric conversions are 18.3m, 100.6m, 201.2m, 304.8 and 402.3m respectively. Your speed is given at the 660' and 1/4 mile markers.