The fauna of Peräjärvi is quite typical for a Finnish countryside. The only sightable animal is the Moose while some other animals can be heard.

Moose Edit


A moose warning sign along the highway.

Moose are the only animals seen around Peräjärvi. The moose are on the move only from late evening to early morning. There are certain areas where they cross the roads. There's at least two crossings along the highway and one crossing on the dirt roads. The moose can usually be seen crossing the roads near the warning signs.

Dead moose

Dead moose after an accident.

A high-speed collision usually proves fatal for both the driver and the moose. The Satsuma will often be greatly deformed after an accident with the moose, they are very sturdy animals and not something the player would want to hit at great speed.



Birds Edit

Some different birds can be heard singing throughout the day. Birds' Finnish names are in parentheses. (list not complete):

  • Cuculus canorus, common cuckoo (käki) can be heard cuckooing during the night.
  • Gavia arctica, black-throated loon (kuikka) makes the high-pitched wail in the morning.
  • Fringilla coelebs, common chaffinch (peippo).
  • Columba palumbus, common wood pigeon (sepelkyyhky) makes a cooing sound during the evenings.
  • Scolopax rusticola, eurasian woodcock (lehtokurppa) sounds like a frog.

Dogs Edit

Though the dogs cannot be seen anywhere, they can be heard barking during the night.

Insects Edit

  • Flies can be heard buzzing around the player when the dirtiness gets too high. Use the shower to decrease dirtiness and get rid of the flies.
  • Mosquitoes make an annoying high-pitched noise. You can get rid of the mosquitoes by using the mosquito repellant spray (buy from Teimo's shop).
  • Grasshoppers can be heard chirping at least around the dump next to airfield

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