Fire extinguishers are items used to extinguish Satsuma engine fires. They can be bought from Teimo's Shop for 249 mk per extinguisher, along with a holder, which can be attached in front of the passenger seat inside Satsuma with two 6mm bolts, the fire extinguisher itself can then be slid into place. A fire extinguisher is required to be mounted inside Satsuma in order to take part in the Rally Sprint Race.

Fire extinguishers can also be used to extinguish house fires. This will prevent the fire from advancing to other rooms, but will not save the initial room from being burnt down. Several fire extinguishers may be required to put out a house fire.

The wasp nest can be neutralised by spraying it with a fire extinguisher.


  • The extinguisher reads "palo-poika", which translates to "fireboy".