Repair shop counter

White order sheet visible on the counter.

Fleetari Repair Shop is a car repair shop located in Loppe that will repair and upgrade the players car and change the color of the car as well. The address of the shop is Loppentie 8. The mechanic goes by the name Fleetari.

After the 13.03.2017 update long coil springs can be found between green car and broken tractor. After the 20.06.2017 update, Fleetari only sits at the counter during work hours.

It now takes more than one day in game to get work done. The mechanic will call the player when the work is done, but he gives the call only once. The car could be finished before he even calls. If one is not sure if the repairs are done, it can be checked if there's an order sheet on the repair shop counter. If the shop is closed, the player won't be able to know if the repairs are done.

The car repair shop is open from 8 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday.

The Ferndale—the mechanic's muscle car—and a toilet (save & quit) can be found beside the building.

Service brochureEdit

The player can make the service orders by clicking the white sheet on the counter. This service brochure has six pages including the front page, clicking the curved arrows on the bottom of the left page allows navigation. The order is accepted by clicking the pay now ("maksa nyt") text on the bottom to the right page. Fleetari will let the player borrow his Ferndale when he is working on the car. After he's done, he will notify the player with a phone call. After the phone call, the player's Satsuma can be picked up from the repair shop. Currently, all services are 40% off. It is believed that this may end when My Summer Car leaves early access.

On the final gear change page make sure to first click the price check box (1350) and then check a box next to the desired gear ratio. Lower number means slower acceleration but faster top speed and higher number means faster acceleration but slower top speed. 4.286 is the factory default (hand-written on the bottom of the right page, "vakio" means default).

Catalog Edit

Service Cost (mk) 40% off (mk)
Wheel alignment 495 297
Brake check and repair 1230 738
Repair of broken engine parts 2915 1749
Engine adjustment 1290 774
Motor tuning 4065 2439
Windshield replacement 2110 1266
Roll cage installation 5500 3300
Roll cage removal 790 474
Nitrous oxide bottle fill up 850 510
Final gear change
4.286 (default) 1350 810
Sheet metal and rust repair
Car body 8750 5250
Door (left or/and right) 1230 738
Fender (left or/and right) 845 507
Hood 620 372
Bootlid 475 285
Bumper (front or/and back) 780 468
Grill 510 306
Regular color 10150 6090
Metal color 18950 11370
Custom paint made by artist 21700 13020
Rim polish 635 381
Rim painting regular color 1150 690
Rim painting metal color 1925 1155

Spare partsEdit

Since the update of June 20, 2017, Fleetari sells spare parts at the store. Spare parts can be found in a shelf inside the store next to the front door. Parts need to be uninstalled from the engine before they can be found and purchased in the store. There is no discount on the spare parts.

Spare alternator part

A spare alternator part on Fleetari's shelf, available to buy.

Spare part price listEdit

Part Cost (mk)
Water Pump 350
Alternator 425
Starter 295
Piston (1-4) 349 (each)
Crankshaft 915
Headgasket 329
Rocker Shaft 729
Block 2490
Oilpan 520
Gearbox 1950

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