There are several food and drink items the player can consume, mainly in order to keep his hunger and thirst in check. Eating food decreases hunger but increases thirst. Drinking decreases thirst but increases urine. If not mentioned otherwise in the table, the food and drink items can be purchased at Teimo's shop.

Food Notes
Sausages Decreases hunger and increases thirst by a huge amount
Minced meat pizza Decreases hunger by around a half
Potato Chips Heavily increases thirst
Macaroni casserole Decreases hunger and slightly increases thirst
Sausage and fries Can be bought at the pub. Increases thirst slightly.
Drink Notes
Beer Increases drunkenness slightly
Water Increases urine, drinkable from taps at home (Kitchen and Bathroom)
Milk Decreases thirst and hunger
Booze Increases drunkenness heavily. Can be found at woodshed. Shots can be bought at the pub.
Coffee Decreases fatigue. Can be bought at the pub.
Ingredients Notes
Sugar Used for making kilju
Yeast Used for making kilju
Juice concentrate Drinkable, increases thirst

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