Hayosiko rear view

Rear view of Hayosiko.

The Hayosiko is a van modelled after a 2nd generation Toyota HiAce. It is owned by the uncle of the main protagonist. It's very rusty, creates black fumes and has a very soft suspension, probably meaning that it was used for many years of hard work. The production of the 2-nd generation started in 1977 and ended in 1982 and the 2.4 diesel (That the in-game van has) was introduced in 1979, making the Hayosiko at least 13 years old during the action of the game.

The name "Hayosiko" is a reference to a Finnish joke about fictional Japanese names, where there's a car mechanic named "Hajosiko Toyotasi" which translates to "did your Toyota break down".

It is a means of transport for hauling cargo or parts if you can't use your car.

It is equipped with a diesel engine. You can open both front doors, the rear door on the left side and the big hatch on the rear. You can also punch the window of the front out if you really want or need to.

The fuel hole is in the back on the right side under a hatch. The hatch is opened with left mouse button and the fuel cap is screwable by using mouse scroll wheel.


To start a diesel engine when it is cold, switch on the ignition and allow time for the glow plug to heat up. While this is happening, you will see a "coil" symbol light on the dashboard. Wait for a few seconds, or until the light goes out, then hold the mouse button to crank the engine. This is not mandatory as you don't have to warm up the glow plugs but it'll take longer for the van to start. When the engine is warm, you can crank the engine immediately without waiting. Make sure the handbrake is fully off before going in the 1st gear to start driving.

The van can be tricky to handle as the rear end is very light when not loaded. You can stabilise the car by putting the sofa in, it can be found at the landfill site near the save spot.

The van also does not have ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) so heavy braking will cause the front wheels to lock. This means that no matter how much you turn the steering wheel, the car itself will keep going straight, most probably into a tree. Brake before corners, not halfway through.

Driving notesEdit

  • The van "jiggles" when going over 100 km/h.
  • It is really easy to flip it since it's top heavy, even a small bump can flip it upside down.
  • Its suspension is really soft, meaning that going off-road will leave you mostly in the air, having no control and most likely only stopping because of a tree.
  • If you're braking through a turn and your wheels lock and you start sliding straight on, stop braking to allow your wheels to unlock so you have control over your steering again.
  • The only thing that can be completly destroyed (as of now) is the windshield.

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