There are various types of items in My Summer Car, ranging from highly important to borderline useless. Below is a complete list of items, and a brief explanation of what they do.

Item Purpose
Beer Bottle Decreases thirst, increases drunkenness by a slight amount
Beer Case Case of Beer Bottles
Booze Increases drunkenness by a huge amount
Coffee Decreases fatigue

Decreases hunger slightly, bottle can be used to store Kilju

Macaron box Decreases hunger
Milk Decreases hunger and thirst
Pizza Decreases hunger
Potato Chips Decreases hunger, increases thirst by a huge amount
Sausages Decreases hunger
Sausage With Fries Decreases hunger
Vodka Shot Increases drunkenness by a half amount
Ax Used to chop firewood
Basketball Used to play basketball and... waste your time
Bucket Used to brew Kilju
Car Jack Used to lift the Satsuma
Coolant Used to cool the Satsuma's engine
Diesel Canister Used for refueling diesel vehicles
Dipper Used for throwing water to the Sauna
Fan Belt Used to drive the Water Pump and Alternator
Fire Extinguisher Used for putting out fires on the Satsuma's engine
Fish Trap Used to catch fish at the Cottage
Firewood Can be chopped and delivered
Flashlight Used for working in the dark
Gasoline Canister Used for refueling gasoline vehicles
Lantern Used to light up the Cottage
Mosquito Spray Prevents Mosquitoes from swarming around the player
Motor Oil Lubricates and cools the Satsuma's engine
Shopping Bag Carries items from Teimo's Shop
Sledgehammer Used to break barn doors and cause other damage
Sofa Can be slept on, decreasing fatigue
Spray Can Used to color the Satsuma's body parts
Sugar Used to brew Kilju
Tool Box Used to build the Satsuma
Warning Triangle Used to pass the inspection
Water Bucket Used in the Sauna
Xmas Lights Decorative item for the Satsuma's interior
Xmas Present Present given to each player on the 24th of December
Yeast Used to brew Kilju
Two-Stroke Fuel Used to fuel the boat and the Jonnez ES