Jail cell

The jail cell.

The player can end up in jail if he doesn't pay his outstanding fines. The jail cell is a single room with a bunk bed, chair, table, toilet bowl, and radio. There used to be no way to leave, but as of the July 31, 2017 update you are released and spawn at the Peräjärvi bus stop when you have 0 days left.

There is no way to access the jail realistically due to there being no road or outside connections to it. You cannot leave the jail at any time until your sentence is over, as previously mentioned.

The player will receive a food tray daily. The tray contains pea soup, salad, bread and milk.


  • If permadeath is turned off, you can get out of jail by dying. You will respawn outside of your house as usual but the police will be at your door to make you serve the rest of your time.
  • If you no-clip out of the jail and return to the house, the police will arrive at your door again until your sentence is over.

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