The player can end up in jail if they don't pay their outstanding fines. The jail cell is a single room with a bunk bed, chair, table, toilet bowl, and radio. The jail serves as a soft game-over as longer sentences could potentially be tens of real-time hours long. The player will eventually be released from jail once their sentence is over, spawning at the bus stop in front of Teimo's Shop.

There is no way to access the jail realistically due to there being no road or outside connections to it. The player may not leave the jail at any time until their sentence is over, as previously mentioned.

The player will receive a food tray daily. The tray contains pea soup, salad, bread, milk, and cigarettes.


  • Dying in the jail with permadeath turned off will make the player respawn outside of their house as usual, but the police will be waiting at the door. Approaching any of the police officers will cause the player to be transferred back to the jail.
  • Escaping the jail through illegitimate means will not end the jail sentence, and the police officers will still be waiting at the door.
  • The amount of time spent in jail is based off the severity of the crimes the player has committed, not the amount of money their outstanding fines have.
  • A four day sentence is over after about two hours of playing time.


  • The physical location for the jail is behind a treewall south of the airfield, though it is only visible when serving time.

The outside of the jail.