Jani (or "kylä Jani") is the driver of the Ricochet, the yellow car outside of Teimo's Shop in Peräjärvi. When approaching him, he will threaten the player and try to annoy him. After some time he will start the car and begin driving across the town. If the player saves at Teimo's Shop, he can be seen drifting into the front area of the store, hitting the player's car if parked near where he parks.

Jani looks to be in his mid 20s/30s, wearing a hat with the Finnish flag and text that says "Kurjala" which is parody of a Finnish beer brand Karjala. He wears a black shirt with the yellow text reading "Väkivalta Lopettaa Vittuilun" which freely translates to "Violence stops people fucking with you" It is also the title of a metal/punk rock song of the same name by a Finnish band named Pistosaha, which might be a reference to one of the developer's favourite songs, hence the fact that a lot of metal and rock music is played on the in-game radio.

He will threaten the player, but won't actually respond or fight the player like he says in his threats. He can punch the player and knock them out only if the player gets close enough to the driver and gives him the finger. If knocked out, the player will either wake up in the shower room of their house, or on the bench at the bus station in front of the shop. Even if the player does not respond to him in any way, the driver will still drive into the player's car, trying to rile up the player. The Satsuma can easily be damaged this way.


  • "Who is this pussy-ass idiot?" (Upon meeting player)
  • "What the fuck? Come here and show me your finger, satan." (If given finger)
  • "So the signs are in the air? You know, someone is going to get hurt soon." (If given finger)
  • "So you want that I make a dinner out from your finger? And shove it down your throat?" (If given finger)
  • "Let me se this finger one more time and I will smash your head!" (If given finger)
  • "You don't have other things to do but smell bad? There is piss already everywhere, now it smells like shit too." (Upon meeting player with GIFU)
  • "It is our own boy, human waste transport guy! Stop smelling like shit and go to hell." (Upon meeting player with GIFU)
  • "Stop dancing with your fist, female! I will smack your face and you fly like a wooden javelin! (If player punches in the air)
  • "What is that piss you're drinking? Like drinking from a wc bowl. You should drink Kurjala beer!" (If player drinks beer)
  • "Is Teimo selling you this stuff? He should sell Kurjala instead. Everything else is shit." (If player drinks beer)
  • "Fuck you, no one is drinking that shit. Just throw it away, you little shit." (If player drinks beer multiple times)


Dead Jani

Jani killed by a collision with a truck.

  • It is possible to kill him by glitching his car and making it fly, or by ramming into it really hard. For best results, tow his ass to the railroad tracks, crack open a case of beer and wait for the train.
  • The voice-actor of the driver is a Finnish streamer and game beta-tester called StatusD.
  • Jani is named after his voice actor, but also goes by other names, such as Mr Wubwub, Yellow Bastard, or Yellow Idiot.