Jokke (or the drunk guy) is the person that may call the player at night (2 am) to take him from the pub and drive him to his home. He will pay the player between 100 to 700 marks at the goal. His house is located at the eastern side of the map. It is possible to pick him up with the Satsuma, Hayosiko and Ferndale.

The man can be knocked down if the player walks into him, and his limbs (legs, torso, arms, thighs, hands, etc) can be slightly moved by clicking and dragging, just like the driver of the Yellow Car/Little Green Car when killed.


Drunk guy kilju pile

The drunk guy sitting next to a pile of kilju.

Jokke also buys kilju from the player at various rates depending on the quality of the stuff, the highest sum for a single canister being 170 marks. As it takes a few days for the fermentation process to happen, and one full batch being enough to fill 20 juice canisters, the most cash that can be made off him in one go is 3400 marks.


  • "Good evening! Thank you for coming!"
  • "My wife constantly reminds me of my drinking... but drinking is a job... for drunkman."
  • "Here is a small compensation of your troubles."
  • "Goodbye! (falls down)"
  • "That train is driving me crazy. It blows that whistle just to fuck with me. Every day!" (Almost killed by the train)
  • "My wife is going to move to Vaasa and get herself a finnswede man. Those are so clean and sober! 30 years of marriage down the drain."

Phone quotes:

  • "I tried to call everybody. Please can you take me from the Pub and drive me home?"

Kilju quotes:

"Alright. Let's see how good this sugar wine is."
"This tastes nothing but yeast! I can barely drink it! This is shit! Take it away from me!"
"Very good sugar wine! I love this, strong as hell! I pay of course for it."
"It has a little bit of yeast..."
"I taste some vinegar here... could be better."
"This tastes like water and piss. I want alcohol. Not this mess."
Kilju quotes in Finnish:
"Noni. Maistetaas mite- minkälaista ki-kiljua seo poika tehny"
"Aivan helvetin hyvää kiljua, jumalauta, tä-täydellistä kiljua!"

Residents of Alivieska
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