The Kekmet is a tractor owned by the player, it can be found at the woodshed by the player's house. It's main use is firewood delivery, but can be used to tow junk cars as well, and its front lift can be used to lift the car when building it..

The Kekmet is based on a Finnish Valmet 502. The Valmet name comes from Valtion Metallitehtaat (lit. State's metal factories), but the reason for the name Kekmet is because game does not have licence to use name Valmet.

The tractor uses diesel fuel. The grey fuel filler cap can be found on the right side in between of the passenger cabin and forklift arm.

Levers and controlsEdit

Kekmet controls

1. Hand throttle 10. Clutch pedal
2. Brake pedals 11. Light switch
3. Throttle pedal 12. Fuel meter
4. Diff lock 13. Temp meter
5. Gear stick 14. Ignition
6. Range select 15. RPM/hours meter
7. Front hydraulics 16. No function
8. Rear hydraulics 17. No function
9. Hand brake 18. No function

The Kekmet has several levers in the cabin. Next to the steering wheel on the right there's the hand throttle (1). Hand throttle is used to manually set a certain level of throttle. Holding the left mouse button increases the throttle and holding the right mouse button decreases throttle.

The diff lock (4) is the pedal to the right under the seat on the floor. Diff lock locks the both rear wheels so they won't rotate independently. This can be useful to manoeuvre difficult terrain, but at the same time it makes the turning slower on level terrain (i.e. roads).

On the far right side of the seat is the gear range lever (6) and it has two settings, low and high. This can be operated with the R key (by default). Low range gears are used to move in difficult terrain in slow speed and to get moving while high range gears are usually used in roads to move faster.

Nearer to the right side of the seat is the front hydraulics lever (7). Holding left mouse button raises the forklift and holding right mouse button lowers the forklift.

Under the seat to the left is the rear hydraulics lever (8). This lever has three settings that apply (at the moment) only for the trailer: down, neutral and up. The lever is operated by mouse left and right clicks. If you want to raise or lower the trailer you also need to have throttle either by accelerating or by using hand throttle.

The hand brake (9) is the hook-like lever on the left side of the seat near the floor. Hand brake functions similarly to the other hand brakes. Holding left click activates the brake and holding right click releases it.

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