This article is about kilju in general. For the item, see Kilju (item).

Kilju (pronounced kill-you) is a homemade alcoholic drink created by using sugar, yeast, and water. Kilju was fairly popular in Finland during the economic recession of the 1990s, as people were looking for a cheap way to produce homemade alcohol beverages.

Brewing kiljuEdit

Sugar kilju recipe

Kilju recipe is written in Finnish on the side of a sugar bag.

Sugar wine (kilju) brewing is an activity in My Summer Car. Kilju can be consumed by the player or it can be sold to Jokke at his house opposite the man firewood is delivered to.

Kilju is stored and transported inside plastic juice cans. After being sold to the drunk guy, they can be picked up from the landfill site.

Brewing processEdit

In order to brew kilju you need to buy some yeast and sugar from Teimo's Shop. The player should also purchase some juice concentrate and drink all of it to get the empty cans. For brewing you also need the brewing bucket that can be found in the cabin on the small island in the lake. The kilju recipe can be found at the side of a sugar bag. The recipe is in Finnish, and it says:

Kilju recipe: 5 parts water, 1 part sugar, 1 packet yeast. Pour the sugar in the brewing bucket, add water and yeast. Close the lid. Kilju is ready when the bubbling ends.

The bucket is 30 litres, so the optimum recipe includes 6 bags of sugar and 1 packet of yeast.

Drop the sugar and yeast packets into the brewing bucket and move the bucket under the tap in the shower. Fill the bucket with water and be careful not to tip the bucket or all of your kilju can spill out all over the floor. Put the lid on to the bucket and make sure you hear a bubbling sound soon after.

The kilju is ready when the bubbling stops and there is a brown mixture at the bottom. This will take a couple of days. When the kilju is ready, open the lid and dip the empty juice cans in the brewing bucket. To empty a full bucket of Kilju you will need 20 juice bottles.

It will be ready in approx. 2 hours and 20 minutes (real life time).

Selling kiljuEdit

Kilju inside van

A bucket of kilju being transported in the van.

Kilju can be sold to Jokke. He is home between the hours of 6.00 AM and 10.00 PM. Kilju can be transported with any vehicle that has enough space for the cans.

To sell the kilju, place a kilju bottle on the table next to the drunk guy and wait for him to taste the product. After tasting he'll hand you the money. Proceed to put kilju bottles on the table one by one and take the money from drunk guy. It is not necessary to take the money after each bottle – the amount of money in his hand increases every time you give him another one despite the fact that he never appears to reach for more money.

Drunk Guy yeast kilju

Jokke showing distaste to kilju.

Depending on how well the kilju is brewed, the player will be paid a varying sum of money (if at all). The highest sum the player can be paid is 170 mk per can. Therefore, the maximum amount of money you can get from a bucketful of kilju is 3,400 mk for 20 cans. Using five packs of sugar instead of six results in a weaker brew for which you will only be paid 130 mk per container.

You need 6 packs of sugar costing 6.95 mk each (41.7 mk); 1 yeast packet costing 8.95 mk; and 20 juice concentrate cans costing 12.95 mk each (259 mk), for a total cost of 309.65 mk.

If you sell all 20 kilju bottles to Jokke, he pays you 3,400 mk, netting a profit of 3,090.35 mk.

Retrieving the empty juice containers from the landfill site eliminates the cost of the juice—the largest single expense—resulting instead in a profit of 3,349.35 mk for 20 bottles.


Buying the bottles:

p = ((j*170) - 50.65) - j*12.95

Not buying the bottles

p = (j*170) - 50.65
(Where p is profit and j is number of bottles)

Jokke tasting quotesEdit

"Alright. Let's see how good this sugar wine it is."
"This tastes nothing but yeast! I can barely drink it! This is shit! Take it away from me!"
"Very good sugar wine! I love this, strong as hell! I pay of course for it."
"It has a little bit of yeast..."
"I taste some vinegar here... could be better."
"This tastes like water and piss. I want alcohol. Not this mess."