Kilju is a homemade alcoholic drink created by using sugar, yeast, and water. Kilju was fairly popular in Finland during the economic recession of the 1990's, as people were looking for a cheap way to produce homemade alcohol beverages.

Brewing kiljuEdit

Kilju inside van

A bucket of kilju being transported in the van.

Sugar wine (kilju) brewing is an activity in My Summer Car.

Kilju can be sold to the Drunk Guy at his house opposite the man firewood is delivered to. He is home between the hours of 6.00 AM and 10.00 PM. It is recommended to be transported with the van.

Kilju is stored and transported inside plastic juice cans. After being sold to the drunk, they can be picked up from the landfill site.

Brewing processEdit

In order to continue to this process some yeast and sugar is needed to be purchased from Teimo's Shop. The player should also purchase some juice concentrate and drink all of it.

Put the yeast and sugar you have in the bucket found in the cabin on the small island in the lake. Fill it with water, put the lid on and leave it for about two minutes. Next place it under the tap in the bathroom and fill it to the brim. Do not tip the bucket as all of your kilju can spill out all over the floor.

The sugar bag's instructions on the side roughly translate to:

Kilju instructions: 25 litres of water to 6 kg of sugar. One bag of instant yeast. 2-3 liters of juice concentrate. Pour sugar to bottom of barrel, add hot water and stir until sugar is dissolved. Add juice concentrate. Add yeast. Insert lid and shake well. Ready after 5 days.

One full bucket of Kilju makes 20 bottles.

Selling kiljuEdit

Drunk Guy yeast kilju

Drunk Guy showing distaste to kilju.

Kilju can be taken to the drunk guy and sold for some money. Depending on how well the kilju is brewed, the player will be paid a varying sum (or not at all), depending on how it was brewed. The highest sum the player can be paid is 170 mk per can. When giving 20 cartons of successful kilju recipe to the drunk guy, the total price will be 3400 mk.

"Alright. Let's see how good this sugar wine is."
"This tastes nothing but yeast! I can barely drink it! This is shit! Take it away from me!"
"Very good sugar wine! I love this, strong as hell! I pay of course for it."
"It has a little bit of yeast..."
"I taste some vinegar here... could be better."
"This tastes like water and piss. I want alcohol. Not this mess."

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