Lindell is (probably) the last name of the car inspector in Peräjärvi village, assuming that he is the owner of the inspection office. His t-shirt says "komiat ensin", which means "handsome ones first". Such phrase is linked to Ostrobothnia area. He has short hair and a moustache. He always has a screwdriver in his right hand.

In the inspection papers it says that the name of the inspection office is named Katsastus Rindell Oy while on the windows the name is Katsastus Lindell Oy.

The inspection office is open 24/7 (All the time), altough the front doors won't open, you can still get in from the back and press "Vehicle inspection".


  • "I'm not getting neither baby chickens or eggs."
  • "I don't know how to say that, but my life and my job sucks."
  • "Not sure what happened, your car passed."
  • "You are such a character with this car of yours."
  • "This car is never going to pass, but more money for me."

Opening the door reaction:

  • "Good morning and welcome to Lindell inspection shop."
Residents of Alivieska
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