Meese (or moosi) are animals which can be found running across the dirt and asphalt roads around Peräjärvi at night and early morning. The mooses have no regard for road safety, and will cross the road without checking that there aren't any vehicles driving their way.

Coming in contact with a moose who is galloping very fast while driving a vehicle that is moving very fast will cause the player to make the headlines of the local newspaper very fast. Once killed, the corpse of the moose will remain in the game world until the game is exited with or without saving.

A dead moose can be harvested for moose meat by hitting it with an ax. Eight pieces of meat can be harvested from a single moose; the meat will start to spoil as soon as it pops out of the moose, and it takes about 20 minutes to become rotten. It is advised to bring the ball grill and a bag of charcoal along when hunting.