This article is about the civilian Pölsa. For the police variant, see Pölsa (police).

Pölsas are non-driveable vehicles that can be seen around alivieska, most notably on the highway. They are based on the first generation Saab 900, the non-convertible version, produced from 1978 to 1993.

A white pölsa can be seen driving clockwise around the highway. There is also one parked in front of a house in Peräjärvi and a wreck of one in Loppe, outside Fleetari Repair Shop.

As with most other vehicles on the highway, the pölsa spawns at a static spawn point when the player enters the highway for the first time during a game session.


Pölsa doesn't mean anything in Finnish but in Sweden there's a dish called Pölsa, similar to haggis and is also quite similar to the Norwegian/Danish word for sausage, pølse.