Juolan Pena

Pentti Juola

Pena (also known as Pentti Juola, Turo or Jaakko) is a middle-aged man who can be seen driving a little green car based on the Fiat 133 (also called Seat 133 and Fiat 126p) around the dirt roads of Peräjärvi. It is possible to take a lift by pressing the hitchhike button, (O by default) and he will stop when he sees the player. The car's door can be opened, which makes it possible to enter passenger mode.

Aside from the fact that he has absolutely no regard for anyone else on the road, and will happily smash into your Satsuma at full speed, killing both you and himself (or, if you're driving the vacuum truck instead, only himself), he drives competently, traveling at a manageable speed and slowing for corners. The player flipping him the bird, however, can anger him and make him take a sip of the booze that he is drinking, resulting in a crazy, speeding middle-aged man almost trying to kill the player while overcoming corners. There is a tactic with pressing the hitchhike button (O by default) to slow him down for the upcoming corners and angering him (M for default) to gain more speed on the straightaways. He is only actually bad at taking corners. Even when he is angry and is driving very fast, he'll countersteer after jumps on straightaways.


Dead Pena

Pena's car full of blood.

  • As of the 5 February 2017 update, Pena can be killed.
  • He is commonly referred to as "Mr Hitler", in reference to a former neighbour of Finnish reality stars The Dudesons.
  • He is based on the Finnish drunk driver Pentti Juola who got busted over 100 times for drunk driving.[1]
  • Sirkka, the player's grandmother, reveals that Pena is the player's cousin.