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Not to be confused with the urban area of Peräjärvi.

Peräjärvi is the main lake in the game.


Peräjärvi map

The Peräjärvi map.


By phone area code 08 (as seen on the side of the van) the municipality of Alivieska should be located somewhere in the former Oulu province in Finland. Current possible regions are Northern Ostrobothnia or Kainuu. However, the area codes starting with 0 were introduced in 1996 while the game is set in 1995.

The car inspection office has the postal code of 62311 (seen at the inspection certificate) which means that it's actually a PO box, so the postal code of Peräjärvi is probably 62310. The village of Voltti in municipality of Kauhava in Ostrobothnia has the same postal code.

Highway signs

Speed limit, priority road and road number signs next to the highway.

The highway going round Peräjärvi is number 70, which makes it class II main road. Class II main road number signs are marked with black numbers on a yellow background and the numbers 40–99 are reserved for them. Currently there is no road 70, but it did exist from 1996 to 2010, it was located in eastern Finland, going from Tohmajärvi to the Russian border. Earlier, from 1938 to the late 1970's the road number 70 was between Joensuu and Varkaus, also in eastern Finland.

People who have septic tanks speak with southwestern Finland dialect. This kind of dialect is spoken between Pori, Huittinen and Turku.