The phone is located in the player's home. It is used to receive calls from other people residing in Alivieska. It is possible to unplug the phone at the wall socket to avoid getting any calls. Below is a list of different callers. The phone itself seems to be modeled after the Alcatel Digitel 2000 desk phone. 

  • People will call often and offer the player work or ask for services (wood chopping or emptying septic tanks). The job's location will be pinned on the map above the phone.
  • Jokke, the local drunk will call the player at night, asking for a ride.
  • Teimo from Teimo's Shop will call when the player's postal orders arrive or if they "forgot" to pay for fuel and when you break Teimo's window. He says he will tell player's dad what happened.
  • Fleetari from Fleetari Repair Shop calls (only once) after he's done fixing or tuning the player's car or stealing his Ferndale.
  • Fleetari "kindly" asks the player to return his Ferndale after using it for a day or two.

The phone can also kill the player if one answers it during a thunderstorm. If the phone rings only once, it shouldn't be answered. It should be waited for the phone to ring at least twice.