The police checkpoint will require the player to pull over and take a breathalyser test to prove they're not drinking and driving. Only the player will be stopped at the checkpoint and NPC cars will simply pass by. The police checkpoint is located randomly at the Regional Route 70.

What to doEdit

Police radar gun

A policeman with a radar gun.

The first policeman will check speed, the speed limit is 100 km/h (for truck and the van is 80 km/h).

The second man is holding a 'Stop' sign and wants to give the player a breathalyser test. It is possible to either drive slowly next to him and do the test through the window, or park the car and walk to him to do the test. Stopping in the lane is not recommended, as the AI cars are very likely to crash into the player's car. If one is clear to go, they can drive off (again, be careful of AI cars coming in your lane). If one is too drunk then they'll get a fine, these can range from ~700 mk up to the tens of thousands depending on your earnings.

More on how Finnish tickets work here.

What not to doEdit

Run the policemen over, ignore the stop sign, push the police men, hit the police car, do a 200 km/h fly-by.

Fines and punishmentEdit

If you drive over the speed limit or if you're drunk (or both), you will get a fine. If you don't pay the fine within a couple of days, the police will show up at your home and arrest you and take you to the jail.