Pub Nappo is a small pub connected to Teimo's Shop that sells coffee, beer, vodka shots, sausage with fries, and cigarettes. The pub is open from 20:00 to 02:00 every night except on Sundays. Teimo runs the pub as well as the shop.

There are two drunk guys sitting at a table, discussing random things such as their late friend who worked in a sausage factory that fired 15 workers. The pub also contains a slot machine, and an outhouse can be found behind the building.

The pub closes at 02:00; after that, Teimo will ride his bike back to his house.

Item Cost
Coffee 7 mk
Beer 8 mk
Vodka shot 30 mk
Sausage with fries 25 mk
Cigarettes 17 mk
Note: Like firewood; items bought from Pub Nappo will disappear when reloading the game.