Hayosiko dashboard

Tuner on the Hayosiko dashboard (to the right).


The boombox on the kitchen table at home.

All driveable vehicles in My Summer Car except the Jonnez ES moped, Ruscko car and the boat have a working radio, there is also one in the player's home. To turn it on and increase volume move your mouse over the left knob and scroll down. Change the frequency with the right knob. The radio has two stations. The first one is around FM 81.0 MHz and the second around FM 89.0 MHz. Turning the knob one tick equals about 0.5 MHz.

Radio channelsEdit

Toiveradio (listen to your own songs)Edit

The "Toiveradio" or "Wish music radio" plays your own music between jingles and adverts. You can add your own songs to this station. Go to your Steam Common folder for My Summer Car, find the Radio folder inside. Add your songs in .ogg format (not .mp3). Name them all "track1.ogg", "track2.ogg", "track3.ogg", and so on. (The OGG files should be 22050 Hz and Mono to be fitting to the other songs within the game.)

Finnish radio of 1995Edit

For anyone looking to get the most accurate Finnish Summer 1995 experience can start gathering their custom music according to the list of 1995 hit songs in Finland. The list is compiled from 30 % singles sales, 35 % radio, 25 % album/compilation sales, and 10 % from disco plays. There is also the RadioMafia Top500 songs of all time list done in 1995.

Kesähitti (Summer hit song) of 1995 was Aikakone – Odota, so add at least one duplicate for each five other songs.

Alivieskan paikallisradioEdit

The "Alivieskan paikallisradio" or "Alivieska local radio" plays songs (including the Marjatta song also seen on TV) and it also has a nature show "Luonto kutsuu" (Nature calls) with a stuttering presenter named Seppo Käpytähkä and a show by Marko Kahjo (A parody of Markus Kajo). Apparently the nature show is broadcasted from Lapland and at one point the presenter asks a guy named Jukka if he has to continue and claims that he's cold. The presenter mostly names different (fictional) animals and plants.

The local radio is the station which plays all of the tracks on the My Summer Car soundtrack. A full list of songs that play on the radio can be found here.

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