The radio mast is located about one kilometre east of Peräjärvi. It can be seen from everywhere on the map. The mast is 351 metres high (see number next to the tower in the map). In real life, however, the highest radio mast in Finland located in Tiirismaa, is 327 meters high.

The mast has four slowly blinking red lights that can be seen from very far away, especially at night. This is useful if you need a sense of direction if you're stuck in pitch black.

The base of the tower is hidden by a layer of trees, but it can be reached at the back of a field with a barn in the front of it. You won't be killed if you walk near it or under it.

In the barn, just in front of the tower, there is a wrecked Firebird which can be taken to Fleetari to receive 4,500 mk.