Railroad tracks

The railroad tracks span from one side of the map to the other, and a train can be seen periodically travelling on them. The first place the tracks can be seen by the player is on the dirt roads leading to the player's home. There are a few signs between crossings to let the player know of the tracks. The train tracks were added in the 5 February 2017 update.

Train tunnel end

The sign at the ends of each tunnel.

Train tunnel

Tunnel approach.

The tracks cross multiple roads, including the dirt roads by the player's house. The crossings don't have bells or boomgates, so be careful and look out for the train. Both tracks have a tunnel, leading to a sign that reads "Olet tunnelissa. Mene takaisin kotiin ja nuku yön yli." It translates to "You're in the tunnel [being in tunnel means being wasted in Finnish slang]. Go back home and sleep overnight." This sign is here most likely to prevent players from reaching the in-development areas (the rest of the unfinished tunnel).

It's hard to drive on the tracks with the Satsuma, since whenever the wheels touch the side of the track the vehicle spins out, possibly flipping the vehicle while ripping off the fenders and the muffler. It's recommended to navigate the tracks in the Hayosiko van, but one shouldn't drive too fast in the tunnel before reaching the sign since it's hard to brake going at high speeds in the van, resulting in the player's death.


  • The logo on the train resembles "AR". "VR" is also the abbreviation for "Virtual Reality". Curiously, VR Group (the current successor of Valtionrautatiet) has recently had many incidents where unscrupulous companies have illegitimately used their logo for budget Virtual Reality gear, no doubt having found the logo via image searches and used them without checking the rights. (Example) "AR" is a common abbreviation for "Augmented Reality", a subfield of Virtual Reality.