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Rally registration form

The registration form.

Peräjärven Suvi-Sprint (Peräjärvi Summer-Sprint) is the Rally Sprint Race which you can join every Saturday and Sunday, between 10am and 6pm.

You can attend it only with your Satsuma, if you have rally tires fitted, had the car successfully inspected, installed a fire extinguisher, have roll bars and a 4-point harness installed and have 500 mk in your pocket.

After signing the registration form at the organiser tent in Peräjärvi and paying the 500 mk fee, you will need to get in your car and drive it to the starting spot. Don't drive past the two red signs or you will get a two minute penalty to your time.

Wait for the "Get ready..." text to turn into a countdown and go after it's finished.

The course takes you from Peräjärvi to the center of Rykipohja, through the local gravel roads. The route must be followed to receive the result at the end. Driving shortcut on train tracks will not have any result at the end. The race ends when you pass the red signs and a text appears on top of the screen saying "Finish!". After the race you can check your times, placement and pick up the prizes at the organiser's tent.

If you win, Fleetari calls you later in the evening, congratulating you and proclaiming you have "such big balls".



The three trophies and their differing sizes.

Place Money prize Trophy
1st 5,000 mk Gold
2nd 3,000 mk Silver
3rd 1,000 mk Bronze


Some jumps and bumps on the road can seriously damage your Satsuma. Since you don't have a co-driver with pace notes, you can mark them with items that stay permanently on the roadside, like empty coolant bottles, beer cases, oil containers and juice containers.

Even though the roads are closed for traffic, the train still runs and can hit you, if you're not careful.

If you want to make practice runs and fear for your life or heavy damage to your Satsuma, you can save at the nearest save point—the toilet at the landfill site. It is a generally good idea to save before the rally too. Another good idea for your practice runs is to strip off body parts like hood, doors, fenders etc. to avoid peeling them off or straight out losing them on the road. Note that there is disagreement among players as to whether doing this affects the car's stability. Keep in mind that, while making practice runs, the green car will roam the roads, so you should be cautious. It will not be present during the rally. One can take the Gifu and eliminate the driver.

It is highly recommendable that you use a steering wheel controller while racing in the rally instead of a keyboard. This will most certainly give you an edge, allowing you to increase your maximum speed, giving you better steering on turns and generally improving your driving performance. A joystick controller could be used as an alternative but it is nowhere near as good as a steering wheel in terms of fast driving and turning.

To achieve the best times, tune your Satsuma for the shortest final gear ratio (4.625), so the 4th gear becomes usable on the straights, and tune the carburetor for acceleration from mid to high RPM. Ideally, you will want the whole road on 3rd gear and, as stated, the 4th only on straights. Feel free to use brakes as much as possible as the Satsuma brake system is the best in the game and it almost never leads to sliding. After braking, it is very easy to accelerate to high speed if you have your final gear ratio adjusted to 4.625, rather then crashing into a tree and shutting your engine down, losing parts of the exhaust system, losing the fuel tank, or, in the worst case, dying. Try practicing hand braking and drifting at average speed on the 90 degree turns on the crossroads to Loppe and from Loppe to Peräjärvi.

The times of your competitors are random. The first place AI usually has a time between 5:30 and 6:00.