The ratchet set is an "upgraded" version of the spanner set. Although the ratchet set is faster to use when tightening bolts, it cannot be used to tighten nuts that are attached to rods/pipes (e.g. the brake/clutch/fuel line nuts and the steering rod adjusters).

With a standard spanner, it is necessary to repeatedly remove it from the nut and reattach it in a different orientation in order to continue tightening it. This is simulated in-game by the use of the mouse wheel, which the player naturally has to perform a similar action on with his finger.

By contrast, the speed advantage of the ratchet is obtained by quickly moving it back and forth, relying on the ratchet mechanism to keep the nut turning in the correct direction. The player obtains the same advantage with the mouse wheel, if he moves it back and forth rapidly without removing his finger.

The ratchet set can be opened by pressing F while looking at it. Sockets can be swapped by first pressing 2 to enter tool mode, and then pressing LMB on the desired socket inside the opened ratchet set. Pressing F while holding the ratchet changes the direction of torque.

The screwdriver included in the ratchet set works the same way as the standard one, and does not have a ratchet mechanism. This is logical, since the screwdriver is only used for making adjustments in the game, not for tightening things all the way.