The ratchet set is an "upgraded" version of the spanner set. Although the ratchet set is faster to use when tightening bolts, it cannot be used to tighten nuts that are attached to rods/pipes (e.g. the brake lining nuts). The ratchet set can be opened by pressing F while looking at it. Sockets can be swapped by first pressing 2 to enter tool mode, and then left clicking the desired socket inside the opened ratchet set. The bolting direction can be changed by pressing F while in tool mode.

Items in My Summer Car
Food and drinkBeer bottleBeer caseBoozeCoffeeJuiceMacaron boxMilkPizzaPotato chipsSausagesSausage with friesVodka shot
OtherAxBasketballBrake fluidBucketCameraCar jackCoolantDiesel canisterDipperFan beltFire extinguisherFirewoodFish trapFlashlightGasoline canisterLanternMosquito sprayMotor oilRatchet setShopping bagSledgehammerSofaSpanner setSpray canSugarSuitcaseTrayTwo stroke fuelWarning triangleWater bucketXmas lightsXmas presentYeast

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