Rykipohja harbours the airfield, landfill site and dirt track.

There are no citizens in Rykipohja and the airfield is commonly used as a 1/4 mile drag strip. The surrounding area is great for testing and tuning your car, with the added bonus of a landfill site to collect your lost (de-spawned) parts.

The dirt roads in Rykipohja are some of the most treacherous around the lake, with ample banks and dips to give your car's suspension a good thrashing if you stray from the thin tracks. Be cautious of adversely cambered turns and raised straights.

Locations in Alivieska
AirfieldCar inspectionCottageDirt trackFleetari Repair ShopGraveyardHomeIslandKesselinperäLandfill siteLoppePeräjärviPolice checkpointPub NappoRadio mastRykipohjaSeptic tanksTeimo's ShopWoodshed

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