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Quick Note

If you experience or have any of these problems remember you can exit without saving, alt+f4 or alt+tab then close game so you spawn from the last savepoint instead of walking home from somewhere on the Finnish dirt roads :)

Car Starts Then Dies

If the car starts then promptly dies or does not start:

  • Make sure the choke is fully pulled out (left click to go in, right click to go out).
  • Adjust the carburetor so the car is not running rich or lean if you can.
  • Give the car enough throttle so it keeps running but stays below about 4000rpm as hard revving when cold can wear and damage the engine prematurely, if you are playing with a keyboard then give it short bursts of throttle repeating when the revs get below about 1500rpm.
  • Make sure the car is in neutral or the clutch is fully depressed 
  • Check it has fuel and the bolt on the fuel lines by the tank is done up 
  • Ensure the engine is built properly (there should be no more parts) and all bolts are done up

Car Doesn't Move

If the car starts and goes into gear but doesnt move:

  • If auto-clutch is on then make sure the handbrake isn't on.
  • Check clutch linings for loose bolts then refill with clutch fluid (brake fluid.)
  • Make sure all three parts of the clutch are put in (Clutch pressure plate, Clutch itself and Clutch cover plate.)
  • Ensure all the gearbox bolts are tightened.
  • Check half-shaft bolts to ensure they are tightened.
  • Car Drives For A Bit Then Stops

If the engine itself stops shortly after driving has begun:

  • Make sure it hasn't overheated and seized.
  • Fill the car with oil if it hasn't got any in it at the moment.
  • If you have just gone into first gear at a silly speed like 200kmh then the engine will blow and pistons and bearings will fly out of the engine.
  • Check the engine is bolted in correctly.

If the car grinds to a halt but the engine still works and the speedometer still shows speed as you accelerate:

  • Check no wheels have fallen off. If so, replace and tighten bolts.
  • Look for suspension parts scattered around then replace and tighten bolts.
  • Check half-shaft bolts.

Car Is Overheating

If the car keeps overheating:

  • Make sure all 4 radiator bolts are tightened and all hoses are attached as well as coolant is in the radiator.
  • Readjust fan belt: Undo screw and adjust alternator until it squeaks then do the opposite until it doesn't then one click more and then tighten the screw while standing in a place where tightening the screw will not adjust the alternator which can happen.
  • Take off radiator hoses in order 1,2,3 then re-attach in order 1,2,3 then refill with coolant.
  • Tune the carburetor to run a bit richer (between 13.5 and 16 while warm is perfect. If you dont have the gauge then look for faint transparent smoke (white smoke is lean and darker smoke is rich.)
  • Make sure the car hasn't been overheated before and has damaged the head gasket.
  • Note the stock radiator is not good at all and will start to overheat while going full throttle espectlly on the highway with stock parts so before you modify the parts buy the racing radiator.
  • Make sure the choke is pushed in all the way or nearly all the way in by the time the engine temerature is about a quarter way up the gauge as keeping it out will overheat the engine.

You may seem skeptical about some of these but these remidies really do work!