The sewage guy is a character who watches over the wastewater treatment plant. He seems to be slightly deranged, possibly due to the constant close proximity to human waste. He wears a white undershirt, a green necktie, grey pyjama bottoms, and has a pair of stylish glasses perched on top of his half-bald head.


  • "Hello there"
  • "So...Lets see how much it costs...Mmm... Yeah well"
  • "At least shit cant turn into any worse Hehe"
  • "Just back up your truck through the garage doors. Then empty your tank at the grate floor" (After paying sewage fee)
  • "To me equality means that very single persons rear end produces crap"
  • "If shit were gold. I would be a very rich man. But it's not. Heh Heh"
  • "I just wanted to say that this is a shitty job. Not as shitty as yours. but almost"