Sirkka, the player character's grandmother, is a character who tells stories about the people and places of Peräjärvi. After listening to her ramblings for long enough she will hand the player a small amount of money. Her house is located just east of the southernmost railroad crossing.

She has been alive for a long time, being 78 years old (as she says she has spent 78 summers in Finland) and knows many myths and legends, one being the ventti dealer burning his father to death after losing to him in a game of cards.

While most of the dialogue with her is about uninteresting things like how to be a better person, she is the number one source of lore for the game, and reveals interesting facts such as the green Fiat driver being the player character's cousin.


  • She is currently the only female character in My Summer Car (apart from the player character's mother who is briefly seen in the intro).
  • Sirkka's husband (who is now dead) was named Valto.
  • She drinks her coffee in the old-timey way of pouring it on to a saucer first to let it cool down more efficiently.