Two slot machines can be found in the game: one in Teimo's Shop in Peräjärvi, and one in Pub Nappo in the same building. They are identical.

The Markka-lama machine is based on Ray Potti 5, but using pictures of Finnish politicians instead of fruits. "Markka" is the Finnish currency prior to the adoption of the euro, and the word "lama" is the word for economic depression in Finnish. The whole machine is a reference to Finland's deep economic depression of the 1990s.

Going from the win-list, politician on the left are Mauno Koivisto, Paavo Väyrynen, Esko Aho and Erkki Liikanen, and on the right Harri Holkeri, Iiro Viinanen and Urpo Leppänen.

The machine used to be called "Slotti 5" in the game, which is still present in the textures and faintly visible under the word "Markka".

How to play the slotsEdit

Slot machine

The slot machines are pretty easy, and yes you can win money (if you get lucky, naturally). Here's how to play:

  1. Insert as much money as you want to play with using the coin slot in the upper right corner of the machine. The amount you have left (of what you put in yourself) is shown in the first display ("Pelivaraukset").
  2. Using the blue button near the bottom ("Panos"), decide your bet for this spin (maximum of 5 mk). Your current max bet is show in the corresponding Panos display.
  3. Spin using the green button in the bottom right. You may win something immediately, but if you don't, you are able to hold one or two of the dials using the red buttons to try to match three items on the second spin. The second spin will also incur the bet amount shown.
  4. If you manage to win, the amount won on that spin is shown on the "Voitto" display next to the bet amount. The total amount that you've won during the current session (all winnings until you cash out) is shown above that, on the "Voitot" display.
  5. As with any slot machine, continue playing until you've run out of money. After your initial investment is spent, the machine will gladly start using whatever winnings you have accrued until that is gone as well. If you've decided you've had enough before losing everything, cash out by clicking the yellow button. You will be given the amount shown in the Voitot display.
  6. Good luck!


Match any three faces, clovers, or coins to win the amount in the middle of the winning table, multiplied by whatever you bet.

A coin in either the first or third slot will automatically win you double your bet.

Two coins are considered wild (in slots 1&2, 2&3, or 1&3). The face or clover in the final slot is what you win.

A coin in the middle slot can be held for a second spin, the best odds of a 3-coin winning line.

The best-winning line is 3 coins (either on the first spin or second spin if you held a middle coin), with the Jackpot being 3 coins at maximum bet, winning 250 mk.


You cannot get your initial investment back, so play at least until that is gone. Hopefully, you cash out more money than what you put into the machine initially. If not, it's time to go back to sucking septic tanks until the next time you make it into town.

For high-rollers wishing to add large amounts of cash to the machine, first increase your maximum bet to 5 mk, then start adding money (it will then add money in 5 mk increments).

Make things interesting with the "Beer Case Challenge": Buy a case of beer (or bring your own). Put 500 mk into the slot machine (make sure to put the bet up to 5 mk first). Drink a beer every time you win. After the case is gone, cash out and drive home. You win if you survive, but you're a legend if you also get home with more money than you spent.