The Svoboda (meaning "freedom" in many Slavic languages) is a vehicle added in the 4 September 2017 update. It is based off the Škoda 120 (ingame model is actually Škoda 105), and has a rusted, beaten up appearance. It has a checkered roof, a black hood, a red spoiler, a leopard themed interior and black rear rims. The dashboard design is similar to the green car seen travelling the dirt roads. The driver, named Petteri wears a blue shirt with the text "VIIVALLE? JA JÄÄ.", a red Amis Auto cap, blue track pants with a white stripe and grey sneakers.

The Svoboda has a 5-Speed manual transmission with rear wheel drive.

Triggering Svoboda to race is the same as with the yellow car. The same goes for the path and performance.


  • If the player gets close enough and attempts to punch the driver, then the driver will punch back and knock the player out.
Svoboda driver


  • Petteri is based on guy called NPH95, who was testing game before release on steam.
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