Fittan is based on the Fiat/Seat 133. It has custom wheels, a little bit more high-pitched Satsuma sound and has a door which you can open and a seat in which you can enter "Passenger Mode". The driver of the car is called Pena. It is possible to take a lift from Pena just by opening the door and getting into passenger mode. As of the 5 February 2017 update, you can kill Pena, leaving the whole car splattered in blood if you don't see him in time, which is really easy since there's not really a clear indication of when the car is going your way. The car, as of the 29 May 2017 update, will take the player all the way to their house. At Fleetari Repair Shop, there's a wreck which is not accessible, just like the other wrecks next to it.

Since there's not a clear indication of when the car is going your way, you have to be careful while driving. The AI takes a lot of corner speed, will not slow or stop to avoid you and is a big threat to you, and your car.

There is actually a tricky method of getting home while getting a lift from Pena. When you flip the bird on Pena, he will start speeding and you will probably die. Pressing the hitchhike button for a short period of time while driving with him slows him down so you can use that when you are about to approach a corner to make it alive.


  • The car's name, Fittan, is the Swedish word for "cunt".

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