Not much is known about the game's background story, however the March 13th 2017 update added some details.

When starting a new game, the player will be greeted with a newly made intro. It shows a mother with newborn baby in rear seat on their way to hospital in the Satsuma with the father most likely driving. The song Porilaisten marssi is playing during the scene. The screen zooms out and eventually shows a top down view of the car, showing when the character was born. A yellow title saying SUOMI FINLAND 1976, [Your first name] was born. After the intro the game jumps to year 1995 which makes the main character 18–19 years old. In Finland the minimum age for driver's licence is 18 years.

Judging by the voice and other implications, the main character is a male. The main character is living with his parents in Kesselinperä, but the parents are absent. Their absence is explained on a note seen on the fridge door after starting the game. In Finnish the note says:

Parents note

The note from the parents.

"Jos joku tillaa halakoja nii elä laiskottele. Laita isäs vanaha auto kunttoo tai viiään se sitte romuttamolle. Se on nyt vuostolokulla sotkenu autotalliva. Issäis sanoo että saat sen omakses jos laitat kunttoon ja katastat. Voit lainata enon pakettiauttoo jos täyvyy hoittoo asioit.

Jos käyt mökillä nii kato että tulipesät on sammutettu.

Elä sitte juopottele ja muista siivota kun sotket.

Tuumme Suomee sitte ku alakaa Teneriffa tympiä.

Terveisin äippä ja issäis"

which translates to:

"Don't slack if someone orders firewood to be delivered. Fix your dad's old car or we'll take it to the scrapyard because it has been filling up the garage for years now. Your dad says if you repair the car and make it pass the inspection, you can keep it. You can borrow your uncle's van if you need to go run some errands.

If you visit the cottage, make sure the sauna stove and fireplace are put out.

Don't get drunk and remember to clean up if you make a mess.

We will return to Finland when Tenerife gets boring.

Best wishes mom and dad"