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The content on this update page has been copied from the official My Summer Car website and is copyrighted by Amistech Games.

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-Fan belt can be now purchased also when it is lost
-Store items are now re-stocked only at game load
-Decreased power of truck engine
-Made truck parking brake fail when strong force is applied
-Player can now sleep in the truck and on the junk sofa found in landfill
-Sleep is now activated with Use button (default F)
-Added driver and voice over for the yellow car
-Added map features, railroad (no trains YET) and sports ground
-Added bus player can travel with
-Added cottage with wooden Sauna
-Fixed issue with controller deadzone settings not saving
-Slower generation of fatigue when running
-Drunk driver of the small green car can now die
-Ability to buy coffee from the Pub, decreases fatigue
-Fixed issue with Christmas lights draining the battery even when shut off
-Fleetari wants his Ferndale car back now (I advice you to return it)
-Fixed bug where detached Starter motor did not enable trigger for assembly
-Fixed materials for all the bolts, let us know if there are pink bolts
-Random graphics work

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