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Happy 100th year of independence to Finland! Only Finland could have brought you this game as it is

-Added oil contamination simulation
-Added oil dipstick to check out oil level and quality
-Added Oil Filters to Teimo store
-Added rudimentary aerodynamic lift to Satsuma, makes the car more unstable at high speeds
-Made Satsuma glove box functional
-Losing and winning in card game now affects Stress
-Added seatbelts to Satsuma, Hayosiko and Gifu
-Not using seatbelts is now traffic infraction
-Gifu windshield can be now broken
-Fixed car radio stereo effect
-Added tire wear and puncture
-Every tire can be now installed freely to any corner of the car
-Added more aftermarket wheels to the parts catalogue
-Adjusted Satsuma cooling efficiency and fuel consumption
-Electric sauna stove cools down faster now
-Fixed Fleetari issues with engine adjustments/tuning and rim painting
-Added custom song CD which can be played with car CD player (max. 15 songs)
-Decreased Satsuma braking performance
-Added possible destructive house fire
-Moved Parts Magazine to garage table
-Player can now drown when too drunk
-Sleeping with cigarette can start a fire
-Satsuma handbrake setting is now saved
-Added two wood carriers for transporting fire woods

WARNING: Due the big change in tire system, you might lose all your aftermarket tires while your original tires have been re-spawned to the garage.