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The content on this update page has been copied from the official My Summer Car website and is copyrighted by Amistech Games.

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-Fixed some colliders at landfill site and home
-Fixed Racing Radiator which floats after removal
-Fixed adjustment issue with valves, where valve states were not correctly reset
-Fixes in firewood chopping exploit
-Made gesture animations independent from FOV setting
-Fixed issue with installation of dashboard covers
-Possible fix for Windshield shattering after Windshield repair at the car repair shop
-Added optional gear indicator showing current gear selected
-Made door usage easier for Truck, Van, Tractor and Muscle car
-Added hitchhike opportunity with the small green car
-Previously purchased parts cannot be re-ordered from the Parts Catalog
-Price of postal order is now calculated from parts *actually* delivered
-Changed mechanism how sewage well death is triggered
-Fixed issue with how car body parts paint types were saved
-Fixed issue where Police did not give ticket for speeding in some situations
-Fixed fueling-saving-loading exploit
-Fixed bootlid issue
-Fixed erroneous Hood bolts, check your hood it is probably detached now!
-Fixed issue of bolts becoming unscrewed after having a damage and then quitting without saving
-Increased tire grip for Truck
-Added "night-TV", which being watched increases fatigue
-Added Amistech Games splash screen

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