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-Fixed issue where some parts spawn back to store after removal and save
-Fixed issue where steering wheel could be installed without steering column and the wheel got lost
-Possible fix for add-on gauges shattering the windshield after windshield repair
-Jumping now resets any crouching position back to standing position
-Added car upgrades; racing tachometer, bucket seat, 4-point harness, roll cage and rally steering wheel
-Rally participation now requires installed safety gear
-You can now properly enter rally only with Satsuma car
-Fixed wrong name in rear left fender flare
-Added spark plug wrench for tightening spark plugs
-Made shopping bag rigid to solve bag instability issues
-All vehicles now die when they enter water, no permanent damage however
-Added separate setting for sun shadows and interior light shadows
-Fixed issue where engine simulation did not care whether pistons were bolted or not
-Fixed infamous "death bump" of the home road
-Changed spawn positions of some AI cars so that they don't spawn too obviously
-Added attempt to block lake side short cut route
-Green menace driver has been removed, RIP :(
-Added first version of AI car that can be driven with / raced against at the Peräjärvi[sic] center
-Increased strength of door locks
-Added slowly developing brake fluid leak
-Fixed issue with some used groceries getting set as "consumed" when quitting without saving
-Now when fuel tank is detached accidentally, random amount of fuel is lost
-Player can now die when driving the truck

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