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The content on this update page has been copied from the official My Summer Car website and is copyrighted by Amistech Games.

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-Added re-spawner for vehicles, if they drop out of the map they should spawn at their original starting locations
-Made double check to reset spark plugs if they still get stuck
-Increased strength of the crap hose
-Fixed issue with stolen fuel getting saved too early
-Made brute force parking brake to the truck, it won't slide anymore when parking brake is applied
-Some player character stats are now reset after death
-Changed Satsuma gear shift audio from 2D to 3D
-Made flies appear little later at the dirtiness scale
-Swimming also reduces dirtiness now
-Starter help added to Van, Tractor and Truck for players who use Auto Clutch
-Fixed gears being shifted while not in Driving Mode
-Adjusted Tractor parking brake

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