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BUILD 172 14.10.15
-Added screwdriver to tools
-Fixed car exhaust smoke positions and simulation
-Optimal engine running temperature increased
-Fixed wood chop exploit
-Fixed assembly issues with clutch parts
-Performance optimizations
-Stretching texture issues for the terrain fixed
-Player no longer walks on top of the parts
-Timing Chain cannot be installed any more if Timing Cover is installed
-Clutch assembly cannot be installed any more if Clutch Cover Plate is attached to Flywheel
-Fixed old lake bed that stopped parts from falling into re-spawn collector
-Player speed reduced while crouching or using large tools
-Added new Crouch position between standing and full crouch
-Front seat hinges replaces with animation to help stability
-Fixed issue where Floor Jack could be pulled from under the car while its being used
-Partial solution for using Engine as wrecking ball against the car
-Fixed seats going through floorboard when uninstalling
-Added Zoom by pressing Left CTRL
-Small changes on how Hood and Bootlid opens and closes
-Motor Subframe bolts appear correctly now
-Fixed bug where empty Jerry Can had a mass of 0
-Parts and tools can be now picked while sitting inside car
-GUI notifications should not get stuck anymore
-Some Player globals should now be reseted when starting "New Game"

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