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BUILD 175 16.01.2016
-NOTE: Player can now die
-Game Over screens
-Fixed betting issue with Slotmachine
-Adjusted CoG of Tractor and Van
-Attempt to fix twerking Tractor front axle
-Doors of store and pub cant be left open any more
-Fixed issue where front seat bolts do not always show up
-Fixed infinite loop issue with handbrake and fuel lining logic
-Temporarily disabled vehicle headlights lighting up vegetation
-Disabled saved broken windshield until there is a way to get replacement windshield
-Fixed issue where player could go through vehicle doors
-Changed function of Van rear door
-Fixed Van and Tractor door glitch
-Sun and headlight flares now visible through glass
-Changes in thirst and hunger rates
-Possible fix for issue where drunk ambience in bar became echoed
-Removed quick time skip
-Fixed issue where items could be purchased even when store was closed
-Added purchase limit for store items
-Fixed issue where fuels were not saved for the Jerry Cans
-Added voice acting for Teimo the Shopkeeper
-Added hangover symptoms, shaking and increased hunger
-Added traffic signs and street lights
-Any vehicle can be now towed with any vehicle
-Better clutch aided braking help when using Auto Clutch
-Shadows setting affects now every light source
-Added water tap to kitchen for drinking water