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BUILD 178 27.02.2016
-Hitting with fist now increases thirst and fatigue
-Fixed issue with FOV resetting to default value after zoom
-Now also fender flares and spoilers are being painted with metallic colours in repair shop
-Improved thunder lightning and clouds
-Added boat and two piers
-Interior textures for the Van and Muscle car
-Added ability to push vehicles with hands (J)
-External camera now renders fog correctly
-Added sauna (sauna states are not yet being saved)
-Made start helper for those who use 'Auto Clutch', hopefully to prevent engine fire
-Fridge can be opened now
-House interior updates
-Fixed stuck crouch mode after passing out in a vehicle
-Player character now floats in water
-Drunk decrease rate slowed
-Added rear view and side mirrors to vehicles
-Upgraded NPC vehicles

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